Weekly Notices

Sunday 23rd June 2019

WELCOME: We are delighted to welcome you in the LORD’s name. If you are a visitor, please make yourself known to one of the welcome team.

TEA BAR: Tea and coffee is available in the large hall following worship. Please come along and enjoy this and a blether.

AMERICAN BRUNCH: Thank you to everyone who supported the American Brunch last Sunday morning. The fantastic sum of £461 was raised and will be used toward funding this year’s holiday club.

ORGAN: Some difficulties with one of the three bellows which are part of the organ, means we are unable to use it at present. It is hoped to be back in working order soon.

DEAF MINISTRY: For people who are hard of hearing or deaf, joining us online or in the sanctuary, today’s British Sign Language interpreter is Steven Paterson, and the Electronic Note Taker is Paula McGuire. Thanks to both for their help.

WEEKLY NEWS SHEET: As we head in to the summer period, this is the last weekly news sheet until the middle of August.

PRAYER GROUP: The Prayer Group meets on Wednesdays at 1.00pm in the Prayer Room. Everyone is welcome to come and participate.

COMMUNITY BREAKFAST: The next breakfast will be held on Saturday 29th June from 10.00am in the large hall. If you are able to help in any capacity, please speak to Fiona Porter.

SISTERHOOD: The next afternoon “tea and blether” will be held on Wednesday 3rd July from 2.00pm.

LIFE & WORK: The July issue is now available from the stage.

SUMMER HOLIDAY CLUB: This year’s holiday club will run from Monday 29th July- Friday 2nd August. This provides a great outreach to the kids of our community and numbers are growing each year. If you could spare a day or two, or any time at all to even help behind the scenes (preparing crafts etc.) then please speak to Debbie Bogle. Help is also needed in the kitchen to prepare and serve the snack lunch each day. If you can help even on one day, please speak to Doreen Baird.

WITH SADNESS: we announce the departure of our caretaker, David Gorlach who has resigned. We wish David well for the future and ask God to continue to bless him in all that he does.

SUMMER SUNDAY TEA BAR: Volunteers are needed to staff the Sunday Tea Bar during the Summer. A sheet is on the Noticeboard opposite the Large Hall. If you can help could you please put your name on it. Thanks.

REACHOUT: As Reach Out are now getting upwards of 25 – 30 guests each week, including children, any donations of tinned food, tea bags, coffee, toiletries or money if preferred would be very welcome.

KIRK MATTERS: The congregational newsletter is now available from the stage for visitors to deliver.

COUNSELLING: is a service offered by the Church and allows individuals and couples to speak to a qualified and experienced counsellor in confidence. Further information is now available on the church website. Contact ERIC on 07507 394 501, or eric@dlsa.org.uk

AS YOU LEAVE AFTER WORSHIP: Can you please take extra care when leaving the Sanctuary as the children from the Sunday School, some of whom are very young, are still with us and may find all the noise and movement a bit scary. Please take your time as we try to avoid any congestion and possible mishap. Thank you.

PASTORAL SUPPORT: If you know of anyone who is in hospital, unwell or in need of pastoral support, please contact the Session Clerk, Helen Lawson. Her telephone numbers are 01698 374426 (Home) and 07902 330396 (Mobile) or the church office 01698 264097.

BOYS’ BRIGADE: Motherwell & Bellshill Battalion of The Boys’ Brigade is looking for someone to run the BB Supplies Depot at its premises at Orbiston Street in Motherwell. This is due to the retirement of an Officer who has performed the role for over 30 years. The primary responsibility of the role is managing stock levels and ordering replenishment stock from BB Headquarters. The Battalion will provide support staff to assist with the sale of the goods to the public, which currently occurs for a couple of hours on a Wednesday and Saturday. This a very important aspect of the funding of the Battalion’s work in our towns. If you are interested please contact Alan Brown 07974 964429 for further details of the role.

CAMERAS: Sunday services are filmed and recorded, as well as streamed LIVE to the Internet through our website. If you wish to avoid the view of cameras, please sit upstairs or in the rear of the transept.

WEBSITE: Should you be unable to attend worship but would like to share in the recorded services, you can do so LIVE each Sunday from 11:00am via the Church’s website at www.dalzielstandrews.org.uk

CHURCH OFFICE: Helen Lawson staffs our office each Monday, Wednesday and Friday from
10:00am until 1:00pm. Please note the office is closed until Monday 1st July. Outwith normal office
hours, you can leave a voicemail or email. TEL: 01698 264 097 or email office@dlsa.org.uk