Weekly Notices

Sunday 23rd September 2018

WELCOME: We are delighted to welcome you in the LORD’s name. If you are a visitor, please make yourself known to one of the welcome team. As usual, tea and coffee will be available today in the main hall for those who would
like to stay behind for a time and share in further fellowship together.

DEAF MINISTRY: For people who are hard of hearing or deaf, joining us online or in the sanctuary, today’s British
Sign Language interpreter is Helen Penman, and the Electronic Notetaker is Linda Wilson. Thanks to both for
their help.

HARVEST OFFERING: Many thanks to those who gave to TEAR fund through our special Harvest offering last Sunday. A total of £624 was raised, with a further £30, which can be claimed through Gift Aid. This is more than £100 over what was given last year for the same purpose. THANK YOU.

COUNSELLING: is a service offered by the Church and allows individuals and couples to speak to a qualified and
experienced counsellor in confidence. Further information is now available on the church website. Contact ERIC on
07507 394 501, or eric@dlsa.org.uk

CARETAKER: George Martin has now retired from this post. If you know of anyone who may be keen to find out more about what is involved, please contact either Helen Lawson or Alex Baird as soon as possible.

PRAYER GROUPS: The Monday evening group has ceased for the time being. However, the Wednesday group
will gather each week in the Prayer Room from 1:00pm. We are happy to receive requests through the boxes at
front and rear doors of the church building, or via our website. These will be treated with confidentiality.

WINDOW: The work on our feature window at the front of the church building is nearing completion. Care should be taken in and around the area. The upper floor balcony area is still roped off until everything is finally completed.

CRAFT GROUP: meets in the rooms behind the stage from 9:30am every Monday. New people always welcome to join

TODDLERS: The toddlers group meets each Tuesday in the small hall from 10.00am to 12.00 noon. All toddlers are
welcome along with a family member. Snacks and chat during the morning. For more information, contact Liz Bogle.

SISTERHOOD: The ladies are planning to share in lunch on Wednesday 26th September. Derek Hughes will
speak at the opening meeting of the Sisterhood from 2:00pm on Wednesday 3rd October in the small hall. All ladies
are most welcome.

MUSICAL MEMORIES: organised by Befriend Motherwell, will take place on Thursday 27th September starting at
1.00p.m. All most welcome to come along to this increasingly popular afternoon session, including anyone with
dementia and their carers. No charge is made for attendance which includes refreshments thanks to the generous
support from The Bank of Scotland Foundation and Foundation Scotland.

COMMUNITY BREAKFAST: On Saturday 29th September from 9.30a.m. until 11.30 the next Community Breakfast
will be held in the large hall. A selection of hot rolls plus sandwiches etc is available together with a cup of tea or
coffee. No charge is made for attendance. Do drop in for a snack and a chat.

CARPET BOWLS: Experienced player or not, you would be welcome to come along on either Monday or Thursday
afternoons to the large all from 2:00pm. Starts on Monday 1st October, and continues each week thereafter, with a
cuppa and blether.

MEN’S CLUB: The new session begins on Monday 1st of October from 7:30pm in the small hall. Our Honorary
President, Derek Hughes, will deliver the talk that evening. Gents of all ages are most welcome to attend on this or any evening during the session.

THE GUILD: Please note that the ladies now meet on a Tuesday afternoon, and not the evening as before. The first
event of our new session will be 2nd October from 2:00pm. Derek Hughes will speak on the Guild theme for this year. ALL WELCOME

HOLY COMMUNION: All who love the Lord are welcome to share in the sacrament on Sunday 7th October, as we
remember Christ’s sacrifice for our salvation. There will be a RETIRAL OFFERING in favour of Scottish Churches
Housing Action Group.

TABLE TOP SALE: This year’s Christmas Craft Table Top Sale will take place on Saturday 3 November starting at
11.00a.m. In addition to the items on sale at all of the tables there will be an opportunity to buy a hot filled roll and
enjoy some tea, coffee and home baking. If you wish to reserve a table to sell items on the day (cost remains at £10)
please contact Alex Baird (262915).

WEBSITE: Should you be unable to attend worship but would like to share in the recorded services, you can do so
LIVE each Sunday from 11:00am via the Church’s website at www.dalzielstandrews.org.uk

CHURCH OFFICE: Helen Lawson staffs our office each Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10:00am until 1:00pm. Please note the office is closed tomorrow, Monday 24th September. Outwith normal office hours, you can leave a voicemail or email. TEL: 01698 264 097 or EMAIL: office@dlsa.org.uk