Makeover Update

Makeover Project – Forward for Jesus – End of May 2015 Update

Roof: Work is finished on the roof and walls with the one year maintenance defects period now in place.

Upper Floor Toilet: Work complete.

Caretaker’s Flat: Work progressing. Major refurbishment taking place covering heating; kitchen; bathroom; electrics; doors; flooring; decoration. It is hoped to have all completed in next few weeks. Asbestos in cellar area has been removed. Final electrical and plumbing work to complete.

Chairs: Fund raising underway via the Social Committee and Christine’s Craft table to build up funds to replace the chairs in the large hall which are past their best.

Thanks: Thanks to all who continue to help in any way. Also for all patience.


The Kirk Session and Congregational Board are asked to note progress being made in the various phases of the Makeover Project – Forward for Jesus.

Ian Morrison and Alex Baird ( End May 2015)