Event Live Stream

Thank you for visiting our website. We are currently live streaming the funeral service for Evan Hughes and to ensure there are no issues with the transmission our website is currently unavailable, please check back later. 


Thank you for joining us for Evan’s funeral. The service can be viewed on a computer or video capable mobile device (such as an iPhone or iPad).  You’ll need Adobe’s Flash Player to view this which is available free from Adobe’s website by clicking here.


Android User? watch this stream over RTSP
If you would like a message to be passed onto Evan’s parent’s please enter it in the chat window below.

[jwplayer file=”dlsa.sdp” streamer=”rtmp://stream2.sanctusmedia.com/live” provider=”rtmp” html5_file=http://stream2.sanctusmedia.com/live/dlsa.sdp/playlist.m3u8 autoplay=”true”]

Live Stream