I wonder if there’s a Greek, Aramaic or Hebrew word for WOW?  If there is, the disciples must have found themselves saying it all the time.  Being around Jesus day and daily was a cause for exclamation and celebration, that’s for sure.  Not only was His teaching radical and challenging, but the things He did must have taken a bit of getting used to.  Blind people were able to see, the deaf could hear, and those previously paralysed could walk; and, all through a simple encounter with Christ.  Lazarus was even raised from the tomb – WOW!!!  So, there’s the conclusive proof, if it were needed, that He was (and is) the Son of God, the Messiah, the Saviour of the World, God incarnate.  Or is it?  You see, not everyone who witnessed these amazing events put their trust in Him.  Some accused Jesus of being in league with the devil, of spiritual deceit and sleight of hand.  Others were afraid of the things He could do, scared to embrace that which was different from the natural world order.  And, little has changed these days; there are still many who seek the LORD only for a miracle.  Their circumstances are desperate and something needs to give.  But, will they receive the One Who works that miracle?  Honest answer – not necessarily!  Of course, there are those, as there were in first century Jerusalem, who are thankful to the God Who hears our prayers, those whose lives are never quite the same again after personally encountering Him in some miraculous happening.  But, equally, like spoiled children at Christmas-time, some individuals accept the gift of God (through changed circumstances or restored health) and take to their heels, forgetting to say, "Thanks, LORD!"  What a pity, for the Giver is always more important than the gift, and the amazing things He does are glimpses of what God’s Kingdom is truly like.  This Sunday, we return to our E100 Bible Studies.  Our attention focusses on the miracles worked by our Master, the Lord Jesus Christ.  You are welcome to join us in person, or LIVE online through the link at our website.  In doing so, I trust that you will encounter the presence of the living God, falling down in awe and reverence, with worship and wonder, exclaiming aloud, WOW!