the great UNWASHED

"Wash away all my iniquity and cleanse me from my sin." (Psalm 51:2 NIVUK)  Here’s a question to divide the nation. When dishes need done in your house, do you prefer to wash or dry? (Posh people with dishwashers need not reply!) Personally, I prefer to wash, rather than dry – don’t ask me to explain it. Though, here’s a tip for new husbands: to keep your wedding ring nice and shiny, dip it in hot water three times a day and add Fairy Liquid! Anyway, part of the chore of dishwashing is its repetitive nature. You see those same cups, plates and cutlery coming round again and again. I often wonder if God feels the same about people. Oh, here comes Derek (insert your own name), he’s fallen foul of that same mistake he always makes – speaking before putting his brain into first gear (add your own particular recurring failure)! And so, I feel encouraged to read today that David, the shepherd boy who became King of Israel, was aware of his ongoing need for cleansing from sin. A truly flawed individual, yet David is described in Acts 13:22 as "a man after God’s heart." You see, the LORD does not treat people like paper plates and chuck them into the rubbish bin, He washes those who come to Him humbly, giving them a fresh chance to serve His purposes.