Prayer of THANKS for 2012

LORD, thank You for all of the amazing miracles You have done among us in 2012: for the many beautiful babies born into our church family; for Your provision in the splendid refurbishment of our sanctuary as a place of faith and friendship, praise and prayer; for the growth in grace and faith of young people and adults in our fellowship; for the marriages that have just begun, and for those who celebrated significant anniversaries as husband and wife this year; for women and men who received Christ into their lives for the first time; for those whom You have called to Yourself, following lives of faithful service; for technology that has helped us to to reach 100 nations around the world with Your Good News; for people who have worked tirelessly to build Your Kingdom and honour the name of Jesus. For all of this, and so much more, we bless You, LORD.

What are YOU thankful for in the past twelve months?