“Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me.” (Psalm 51:12 NIVUK) On my 40th Birthday (yes, I know, I have a great memory!), a friend gave me a mug for my daily cuppa. Embossed on it, alongside a picture of me in younger days (with hair, I might add!), was a quotation – “Those who say that 40 is over the hill, have never been there.” Just over halfway through Psalm 51, David sounds as if he is “over the hill” – not in relation to his age, but with respect to his sin. The first few verses in this song of penitence are hard going for the king; it is as if he were trudging wearily up a very steep mountain. But, now that he has openly confessed his sin and reflected in the damage it has done to himself and to others, as well as how it has grieved the heart of God, in the second part of the Psalm, David has a spring in his step once more. It is almost as if he feels like free-wheeling down the other side of the mountain of God. He speaks in this verse about joy, salvation, and a willing spirit; all of which are so positive and forward-looking. He believes that the future will be different from the past because of what the LORD has done in his life. Do you have that same hope in your own heart of a fresh start today?