When you start to think about some of the great things Genesis chapter 1 has to say about God, you get a glimpse of the One to Whom we pray.  And, if we know something of His character, it ought to be a great help in the way we bring situations before Him.  In a real sense, what I am recommending is that the best way to communicate with God is to adopt His own way of speaking about Himself and the world He created.  Permit me to offer an example.  Clearly, the picture painted of the LORD in Genesis is One Who is all-powerful (the theological word is omnipotent!).  Unfortunately, many of us get too hung-up on anthropomorphisms (okey dokey – Google it!).  In other words, we recreate God in our own image, but just a bit bigger and stronger.  That is neither accurate, nor good enough.  God is not some kind of celestial Superman.  In fact, He is more powerful than hundreds of supermen put together.  Listen, the Creation narratives tell us that He didn’t even lift a finger to achieve all that He did.  How did He do it?  He spoke!  Repeatedly, the phrase, “And God said…” appears in the text.  So, I ask you, if He can “speak” a world with all that beauty, splendour and variety, into being, what is too difficult for Him.  Therefore, when you lay your prayers before His throne, remember that awesome power.  Furthermore, when we look again at the story, it is clear that another phrase raises its head more than once – “God saw that it was good…”  The LORD had a deep appreciation (if you like, a feeling for) the work of His hands – He enjoyed what He created.  This thought should overcome any fear we may have of bringing seemingly small matters to Him in prayer.  Taking time over the details of creation indicates that nothing is insignificant in God’s sight.  Again, what an invitation to share every thing that threatens the order and peace of your existence, or your ongoing relationship with Him.  Of course, as the story unfolds, the wilful sin of mankind and the wily, scheming ways of satan threaten to shatter the perfect world God created.  Let me leave you with this thought – no matter how loudly the serpent hisses, he will never match the roar of the Lion of Judah.