Loose lips sink ships!

“Open my lips, Lord, and my mouth will declare your praise.” (Psalm 51:15 NIVUK) Ernest Rutherford, a Kiwi physicist, is credited as the first person ever to split the atom. It was just after the end of World War I, and he could not have predicted to what extent his work would be used for good and for ill. From those early experiments arose the capacity to eventually produce vast amounts of energy, heating and lighting countless homes and bringing comfort to the lives of billions. Yet, the colossal tragedies of nuclear bombs dropped on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, also elicited from Rutherford’s research. The history of mankind seems to pay testimony to the fact that each and every invention has the potential for curse or blessing. In truth, the same can be said of human beings, and the choices we make. With the same tongue we can, in the space of a few moments, praise God in Heaven and give those around us a hellish time. The English word, “worship,” literally means, “to come towards and kiss.” Put that way, it reminds us of how personal and intimate our relationship to God can be. In King David’s case, this particular verse from Psalm 51 reminds us that the lips, which touched those of Bathsheba in an adulterous act, and the mouth, which gave the order for Uriah to be killed in battle, were now turned to a more positive use; the praise of Almighty God. During wartime, posters reminded people, “Loose lips sink ships.” – they still do! So, if you’ll excuse me phrasing it this way – “watch your mouth today.” Ensure that your words bring encouragement and help, rather than unwarranted criticism and character assassination.