No doubt, pedants of the world will unite in wagging an accusatory finger at me, whilst pointing out my reckless use of the letter “Z” at the end of the title on this BLOG entry.  Hey-ho, no one can PLZ everyone (oh, sorry, wandered into text speak for a moment!).  I know that DREAMBOYZ sounds like a name for some wannabe boy band, manufactured by the X-Factor, but it’s actually my shorthand way of describing Jacob and Joseph in the Book of Genesis.  If you take time to reflect on their stories, you will realise that this father and son team had a great deal in common.  For example, both were the progeny of parents who played the dangerous game of favourites.  Remember how Isaac and Rebekah picked a twin each and poured their energies into raising them?  Sadly, Jacob repeated the pattern when singling Joseph out through the gift of a special robe!  Furthermore, both Jacob and Joseph knew what it was to struggle with sibling rivalry; though Joseph was a good deal more outnumbered (odds of 11-1) than Jacob.  My main observation, however, is that each one was a bit of a daydreamer.  At Bethel and Peniel, Jacob had profound experiences of the LORD’s presence and power, which led him to recognise his personal waywardness and to turn from it towards genuine faith in God.  Remarkably, in time, Jacob was reunited with his brother, Esau, after being the subject of murderous threats.  From an early age, Joseph also knew what it was to sense the leading of God via his dreams.  And, at key points in his life, the ability to listen to God in this way was of massive material and spiritual benefit to Joseph.  So, the letter “Z” also reminds us that the LORD is not limited to communicating with people in their waking hours.  It would appear that, even when we are sound asleep (Zzzzzzz), the mysterious purposes of God roll on unhindered.  Through the day or in the darkness of “the wee small hours,” God speaks and calls us to listen, learn and follow where He leads.  And, by the way, where the LORD leads, almost always involves a call to reconciliation with those who may have offended us – another common feature of the Jacob and Joseph narratives!  In the Kingdom of God, grace and forgiveness have the power to transform a nightmare scenario into a dream.