"Surely I was sinful at birth, sinful from the time my mother conceived me." (Psalm 51:5 NIVUK)  Some graffiti seen scrawled on the wall of a (posh) toilet: "To DO is to BE," (Socrates). "To BE is to DO," (Jean-Paul Sartre). "DO-BE-DO-BE-DO," (Louis Armstrong).  Today’s verse from Holy Scripture confirms that we are sinful in our BEING, as well as in our DOING. Theologians speak about sins of COMMISSION (the bad things we do, which we ought not to) and sins of OMISSION (the good things we should do, but don’t). Yet, the depth of our depravity as humans goes much further than that. We sometimes hear folk saying of a new baby – "Oh, he’s so innocent looking," or "Wow! She is perfect." But, no-one teaches a child to throw his or her dinner-plate against the kitchen wall when not getting their own way. It happens as an extension of what is called "original sin." And so, the Psalmist reminds us today that, without someone to set us free from this sinfulness and its stranglehold on us, we are doomed to a life of selfishness, which ends in physical decay and spiritual death. Thank God, then, for Jesus the Saviour. His mercy, grace and forgiveness literally give us another chance and a completely new start. If we turn to Him every day and ask for His help in the battle against our sinful nature, He will be with us through the power of His Holy Spirit.