If you are following the E100 Bible guide, you won’t want to miss the regular updates I will be posting on this BLOG.  It’s a place where we can reflect together on the BIG questions God raises in Scripture.  This week, we have started to think about the Book of Genesis.  The very first entry in the Bible, not surprisingly, it is literally about beginnings.  Whilst some people get caught up in controversy, arguing about whether “six days” of creation really means six days or six periods of time (perhaps spanning thousands, even millions, of years), I would encourage you to look beyond that.  Why not focus instead on what these narratives reveal to us about the character of God, Whom we worship and serve?  For me, all sorts of things come across in chapter 1.  There’s the unlimited power of God – again and again, we read the words, “God said…”  Amazingly, He spoke creation into being!  Then there’s His creativity – witness the variety of vegetation and creatures mentioned.  And, of course, we cannot forget about His utter commitment to order – the way in which one thing leads to another, such that creation is an interdependent ecosystem – beautiful, but also functional.  Then, there is the fact that He was in existence before anything He made, and is, therefore, superior to and sovereign over all the work of His hands – “In the beginning God…” – we forget that at our peril.  Another noteworthy point is that deep delight the LORD takes in His creation – this is no mechanistic and distant manufacturer, Who has little concern for the end-product.  From the very outset, it was clearly the intention of God to have a living and dynamic relationship with this planet and people.  Notice how many times the LORD says that what He made was “good.”  Hey, those are just a few of the things I have observed in my re-reading of Genesis 1.  I will be expanding upon these themes (and some others) during my morning sermon on Sunday 15th January from 11:00am.  You are very welcome to come along and join us if you’re able to do so.  In addition, I’d love to hear what God might be saying to you as we study these great Bible passages together.  Please leave a comment.